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Welcome on Goldchat, the right place to get to know other people online.

Goldchat is a dutch IRC network but people of the whole world are welcome to come and chat on Goldchat.
There are some rules you have to follow which you can read in the MOTD  ( Message Of The Day ).
You can read these rules too once youre connected to Goldchat.

Every room on goldchat has their own rules, these are made by the: ROOMOWNER
Click on the link for more info.

Do you want to go and chat right away? Click on Rooms in the left menu, you can choose between different nice chats.
The chatserver is also reachable by ports 6667.

How to complete a profile on a dating site

Why is it so popular? Most men are very submissive in online dating. They give slimy compliments and would do pretty much anything for women just to be allowed to end up by their side (or in their bed) snapsext safe.

That is why it is extremely attractive when you turn the tables as a man and signal that you are not easy to get …

Self-confident men (and women too) do not take everyone, but clearly express their own wishes and demands when looking for a partner.

So start working on your Tinder bio and separate the wheat from the chaff – with a crystal-clear request to the users!

At the point where I have now made the three points, you list the properties that you (not) imagine your future partner to have.

With such a description you signal that as a single you are not desperately looking, and that makes you look extremely attractive.

Because as an experienced flirt specialist, I will work with you to find a way to become an attractive man within a very short time and to find the woman with whom you will be happy!

EVERY average man can find and conquer his dream woman – regardless of appearance, quick-wittedness, self-confidence or other “obstacles”.